Interactive Crossword Puzzle Overview


The Interactive Crossword Puzzles can be accessed from Crossword Puzzle browse page or in the related articles section of the corresponding article.

Using the Interactive Crossword Puzzle

Clues are located to the right of the puzzle - 'Across' word clues on top and ‘Down’ word clues on the bottom. Use the scrollbars to view clues within each set.

A selected clue is highlighted in blue with a box around it. The corresponding word in the puzzle grid is highlighted in gray. The active square where you type a letter is yellow. This square moves as you type. If it is in the intersection of two puzzle words, both clues will be highlighted in blue. The clue for the word that you are solving will have a box around it. The clue for the other word will be blue without a box.

To move the highlighted yellow square you can use the keyboard arrow keys or click on a square. To delete a letter, you can use either the Backspace or the Delete key.

If you click on a word in the puzzle, the corresponding clue automatically highlights. If you click on a clue, the word in the puzzle automatically highlights.

Features of the Interactive Crossword Puzzle


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