How to Access Consortia Statistics


Consortia/District administrators have direct access to usage statistics for all current member institutions via the web at the Online Products Admin Portal.

Go to: and type in the Consortia/District admin username and password.

For verified COUNTER Reports:

  1. To view a COUNTER report for a single product, select the COUNTER Reports tab under that specific product.  For a COUNTER Report for ALL products you subscribe to, select COUNTER Reports from the left hand navigation.
  2. You can view a report for each institution by using the institutions dropdown in the top right corner.
  3. Reports can be filtered by Time Period.
  4. The "CR2" report, which will show up as the first tab of the report, is the Consortia report.

Legacy Reports

All non-COUNTER certified reports have been grouped underneath this legacy reports menu. All of these reports will remain accessible in your account, but cannot be run any further out than 12/31/2018.  Every legacy report will display a pop up as shown below with a hard coded end date of 12/31/2018.  Legacy reports that are NOT "Legacy COUNTER" reports, are ONLY available on a single product basis (Summary, ICOLC and Saved Reports are only available on the product level).

  1. To access Legacy COUNTER reports for ALL products, you can access this from the left hand navigation.  To access legacy COUNTER reports for a single product, select COUNTER 4 under the "Legacy Reports" dropdown on the Product navigation.
  2. On the Legacy COUNTER report, the Consortia report is the CR2 report.  You can select which institution to view this report for from the institutions dropdown in the top right corner.  You can also filter the time frame of this report (with a set end date of 12/31/18).
  3. For an ICOLC Report, select ICOLC from the Legacy Report dropdown under the product navigation.
  4. You can filter this report by Organization Type and Institution by selecting to "Add Filters" in the top right corner.  You also have the ability to select a time frame for this range (with an end date of 12/31/18).
  5. For Legacy Reports, upon accessing the report, you will be prompted to select a beginning date in order to run a report.
  6. For all Legacy Reports, you have the ability to "Save Report." You can access your Saved Reports by selecting "Saved Reports" from the Legacy Report dropdown on the product navigation.  You also have the ability to export all Legacy Reports (you can export the report as an XLSX or CSV)
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